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Silverton Mountain
Silverton Mountain
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Silverton Mountain is a new expert and advanced only ski/snowboard facility. One double chairlift will access the steepest, most powder-filled skiing in the Rockies. Silverton Mountain is located in southern Colorado in the heart of the San Juans. Snow is no worry at this 10,400-foot base and 12,300-foot peak elevation: the annual snow fall exceeds 400 inches.

Winter comes early and heavy, supplying skiers and boarders with amazing conditions. Silverton is different from other resorts, serving as a guide-only backcountry ski area to groups of eight. Riders are required to bring an avalanche beacon, probe pole, and shovel as well as a Colorado hiking pass.

Silverton is steep! Angles can reach 55 degrees. The easiest run is around 30 degrees, the steepest run at your average ski area. It has won rating such as the No. 1 Steeps and Powder in the United States, the Top Ski Resort and Top Extreme Ski Experience by many publications.

"I am sure that each and everyone of you have been in bounds at a ski area and thought, "If only there was a lift accessing that peak." Most of you have looked at awesome terrain in the backcountry and wished you could get more turns than you could earn. Silverton Mountain may very well be what you would have created, if you were to try to fulfill those worthy desires," boasts Silverton's website.

Teams of expert ski patrollers engage in constant avalanche mitigation work. However, guests are reminded to observe one's surroundings and make the appropriate decisions on where to ride.

In addition to skiing and boarding, participants may take classes at the Silverton Outdoor Learning and Recreation Center (SOLRC). Topics are diverse and will include avalanche safety, mountaineering instruction, backcountry ski/snowboard instruction and much more.

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